Privacy Policy

All data is gathered by a private entity - Andrea Mosca, resident in Kristiansand, Norway.
This website is only responsible for directly gathered data, and not for third-party data collection that may happen through it.

What data are collected?

There are some automatically gathered data, related to the nature of the internet and web servers, like IP address, location, browser used, cookies, etc. It's not possible to avoid such data collection, but those data will never be used to take info on a specific user or user's behavior on the website. We are using Google Analytics and other similar services, with the only purpose to know, on aggregate basis, the amount of traffic and the engagement of users related to specific contents across our webpages.
Other data are the email addresses of users who write us, which are kept private and never given to third parties for advertising purposes. Also the content of the emails or messages received will not be made public, without the explicit consent of the sender. We may also use some newsletter service to update users of initiatives and new features, and the newsletter management will be executed by third-party companies like Mailchimp, respecting current international laws and regulations, specially the EU anti-spam regulations.

How are data treated?

The web server data are kept safe by our hosting provider and are never used by us to track or profile individual users. All other data are kept private by all available precautions.

Is it possible to ask for data information and/or removal?

Anyone interested may ask for information or removal of data, writing at We will give requested information and remove all requested data as soon as possible. Additionally, you can configure most of the browsers to avoid the cookies and tracking of your activities. We recommend Brave browser, for a full privacy and to remove every kind of unwanted online advertising / tracking.

Is this policy subject to changes?

This policy may be subject to changes, so please bookmark this page for further check and updates.