This website uses Opensea APIs to retrieve the most recent data across the ETH blockchain. The database is always growing, and not only recent data are displayed, but all data gathered over time. Authors connecting with their Metamask will be listed in the "archive" search engine. The website uses an Opensea referral code to get about 1% commission for sales.

Future development

We already implemented the ability to login with Metamask and get NFTs listed on our search engine. Also, useful metatags are available to better categorize the items. The users will also be able to customize their search results, according to their taste or interest, requisting not to show specific authors or collections.

Building a second-layer metadata

We will get advantage of users' consensus to build new metadata associated with the existing NFTs and data. This will allow to search using new criteria that are not currently available elsewhere.

Author/NFT/Collection score

An algorithmic score will also be assigned to specific contents, based on different parameters. This will allow collectors to search for artists which show more potential and will eventually be the best buy / investment. This will be a new way to find "hidden gems" that are usually invisible on other platforms.

New ways to increase artists' visibility

Due to the huge amount of minted NFTs, and to the platforms' fragmentation problem, it's quite hard for many artists to get the deserved visibility and feedback. We are working to create a new way to present contents, which is not based on the most popular / high value content, but which gives visibility just to the less famous creators.

In collaboration with a No-Profit organization

This is currently a one-man project by me, Andrea Mosca, but it's done in collaboration with the Italian nonprofit organization Cultura Digitale, which has the purpose to spread the crypto education among common persons, for social and ethical purposes.

Want to know more?

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